We are dedicated to improving the lives of the hearing impaired, one patient at a time. Everything we do is to help people with hearing loss enjoy the sounds, voices, people and conversations in their lives. We take great pride in helping people get back the gift of hearing—there is nothing more gratifying.

"They have been so good to my dad, even if my dad wanted to talk about something that didn’t pertain to their needs they gave him the time of day to talk about it. My dad was a high voltage electrician on base and was a burn victim and the care and quality and equipment he receives with Ascent Audiology Hearing Center are superb, much better than his previous care. The hearing aid transition has been smooth and they always make time for us! We really appreciate Robert and his right-hand gal Kathy!"

Ben S.

"My husband has been wearing hearing aids for 15 years. Other doctors were more like salesmen. We’ve been with Ascent Audiology for about three years. Dr. Smith has been an all-around great man for service and fitting you properly. My husband has Alzheimer’s and Dr. Smith’s been able to communicate with him. We’ve been very happy with him.  Ascent Audiology’s easy to locate. Dr. Smith’s assistant is extremely able and caring. He takes a business interest and a personal interest in you. They do fast work with any returns. I have nothing except good things to say about them. Excellent!"

Sue N.

"I have needed hearing aids for about half my life but was very reluctant to get them. Had I known how simple of a process it could be with the right company, I never would have waited so long. Many thanks to Ascent Audiology for the gift of my hearing!"

Shelley F.

"Ascent Audiology Pensacola is very friendly, very professional. They have the best deal in town. I purchased hearing aids for both ears and Bob helped me out. I’ve been a customer of Ascent Audiology about six years now. I continue using them because they have the best customer service and the best service."

David B.

"The doctor is good and the receptionist is great!! The people at Ascent Audiology are very friendly, knowledgeable, and honest. This is a big life change for me! Thank you!"

Robert S.

"My experience with Ascent Audiology Pensacola has been perfect. I have no complaints. I have been going to them for 10+ years, and I even stayed with them when they relocated to Davis Highway. They give the best advice, and I appreciate the exceptional service. Bob and Kathy are not just my doctors anymore; they’re my friends."

Loren F.

"Ascent Audiology has taken very good care of my mother’s hearing aids for years. Every time we have a question, we go in, and we get it cleaned. Never a hesitation. They’re people-people, which I like. We’ve been using them for about two or three years now. I would not hesitate to recommend them. Anybody who goes there will be satisfied."

Lana B.

"Dr. Robert Smith is a very talented and skilled audiologist. I learned a great deal after meeting with him, and am glad I chose Ascent for my hearing aids."

Donna G.

"I’ve been using Ascent Audiology Pensacola for four years. Kathy, the assistant, is just a jewel and amazing. Robert takes all the pain in the world to make sure everything is right for you.
They give good service, and they explain everything to you. They explain your choices, and they tell you what kind of warranty you can get.  They do what they say they are going to do. I’ve been in business a long time, and I know their word and warranty mean something. They are always there when I need something."

Pearl A.

"Never have I felt so cared for, a true doctor with a heart of gold. Couldn’t ask for better care, quality, and professionalism. Knowledgeable and compassionate, always willing to help in any way possible. Wonderful doctor, I would recommend to all I know."

Holly H.

"I’ve been a patient at Ascent Audiology Pensacola for 2 or 3 years. They’re very, very good. Whenever I have a fault with my hearing aid, they’ll take care of it right away. Whatever I need to have done, they’ll get it done. It’s been excellent."

Robert U.
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